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A Kanaal - backyard-trip in Holland

Accessable through my back-yard is an easy going 70km trip, mostly unpaved roads and tracks. It's great for getting a free head and on terms with the bike again. This is a farewel to the most comfortable off-road bike I've owned. I don't need much steering lock on this trip, but the lack of it is the reason this bike had to go - and the weight...

Near Ter Apel are some canals used to lay dry a moor and transport the peat to Groningen and other city's.
They are lined with unpaved tracks and lots of trees, mostly on both sides. Let's give it some stick!

At some places the canal is widened for boats to turn around.

From grass to sand. Almost forgot to take a picture.

Many turn-bridges and the old houses for the bridgewatcher-families.

And a newer bridge to accomodate the many cyclists that come here during summer.

One of the trickier bits I cannot pass.

A three-legged bridge nicknamed Mercedes Bridge by the locals,

Sand again

Some concrete left-overs from the german occupancy, unscratched...

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