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Originally Posted by Pamirski View Post
@Bli55, how do you get there? From old town Chara? In any case you have to ford? And at which time of the year have you been there, with the snow the mountains look more like Tien Shan or so.
That picture is from the net, and is also seen in link Walter gave, and there's the photographers name in vertical writing - I have not been there myself.
However, when I do end up in Chara, to go there would be my upmost priority, it is just so beautiful and surreal.

That's why I was hoping the guys went, even if by a local truck if need be due to river sweeling too much for the bikes...

Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
Fuel pump yes. I replaced the fuel pump assembly about 45,000 km ... but there was no problem with the pump. Just really wanted to change fuel filter and the only way to do that was to change the whole assembly. Now that Terry has found a great way to change filter for less than 20 pounds, I will not be doing that again.
Terry and Walter, is there somewhere we could read on that?

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Me, I felt happy and a bit sad. Two years ago I had gotten the idea of riding the BAM. Now it was done. It was an anticlimax. I had waited so much for this moment. Planned for so long and now I had done it. The trip had been an adventure and I had loved every second of it. But now the BAM was over.

We ate the food. Had a few beers and just enjoyed the beautiful night. It was a great ending of the BAM
There's still BAM left for you to Vanino!
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