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Hey hey people!

Well it's been a long time and for that we're super dooper sorry!

Since we have last posted we have sold our house and finally started our trip after muchos fun running around like headless chickens for weeks chasing up paperwork and all sorts! WOOOO HOO!!

Europe for us was pretty manky! We knew it would be being the middle of winter and also the breaking in of the trip (niggly problems, time pressures, 12 hour days riding in rain etc), but what managed to make it even worse was by the time we hit central Italy I came down with a virus which hospitalised me and put me out of action for 3 weeks! It was a maaaajor poopy moment for us, it felt like everything was trying to stop us from starting the trip at that point and to be fair Sam and I even considered just getting preggers as a good excuse to have to come home ;)


We persevered and soon found ourselves entering North Africa. From there on in it has been amazing :) Truly superb! With the unrest which has been bursting out left right and centre in North Africa including the hostage situation in Algeria, terrorist threats and the removal of westerners from Libya, we have found ourselves in the thick of it having had guns pointed at us and at one point Sam "being shot at" (see the Libya blogs for that one!)... but it has all be quite an experience and one we wouldn't change for the world!

Amidst all the madness we have enjoyed some awesome places and people, including:

Amazing streets of Medina in Tripoli with bustling markets and loooovely people:

Star Wars Sets in the middle of no where!:

Stunning Roman Ruins (Leptis Magna, Libya):

Salt Pans and Desert Riding:

See below for our recent blogs and for lots and lots of photos visit our facebook page

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We have some summaries for each country coming up including help with border crossings, camping sites, restaurants and sight seeing ideas so keep an eye out!

Thanks again for all your support and patience!! Keep following us on Facebook
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