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Day 4: Wednesday September 7th, 2012

It got really cold last night. (Well it is September in northern Washington... )
I made a quick breakfast, complete with French roast coffee and oatmeal with dried strawberries. We packed up camp. We CJ and I did. Jeff just rolled off the table and was ready to go.

Soon we were back on the trail. This was the first day of the WABDR. I was interested to see what it would be like.
It was dusty again, but we spread out and we took turns leading.

It turned out to be a mix of forest and ridge line type riding.

When you were in the valleys, the views were.... well all you saw was a lot of trees.
But when you got up onto a ridge the views were very nice.

We approached an old forest fire area.

It must have been quite a fire as the area we covered with burnt trees was large.

But it was kinda cool to see how the vegetation had grown back.

The trail kept climbing...

It was a crisp beautiful morning.

We got closer to the summit.
Time for KTM prOn.

A panorama shot.

Jeff goes zooming by...

Eventually the trail led us down off the ridge, and we had to do a bit of pavement to get to the next destination.

Had I done some more research on this trip, I would have been nervous now...
The Ruby Ridge hill climb was not something I was aware of.

The trail pretty much went right up a steep hillside by means of a few really steep switchbacks. (No. I didn't stop to take pictures...)
Most people who do the WABDR do this hill as a descent, but as a hill climb I have to admit I was extremely gripped. The climb was exposed, steep, and had many loose rocks. I know of many folks who have boiled brakes coming down this section.

Needless to say when we got to the top, I demanded a rest break to let my nerves calm down.

Once on the top of the ridge, the trail was a bit sandy, but not too difficult.

A while later we stop to regroup.
I pull a bonehead move and grab a handful of front brake while making a right turn in the sand.
No problem. It's not the first time I've dropped my bike.

A while later down the trail we re-emerge into 'civilization' and stop to get more gas. But there is already a group of WABDR riders there. Instant party results.

I bought a mega-dog.

and signed the kiddie blackboard.

Oh. It looks like I took a self-portrait.

Soon we were back on the trail, moving quickly and gaining elevation.

(I'm starting to realize I did not take many pictures... I guess that's due to the fact that we were really moving along a a good speed. A lot of people do this ride in 5-6 days, we did it in 4, and CJ insisted in doing all the difficult sections...)

The next section was quite scenic as we were up around six to seven thousand feet in elevation.

Nice views up here.

and yeah, were are riding in very remote areas...
Going off the trail here would be a serious logistical challenge to get the bike and rider back to safety.

We later arrived in Cheley and stopped to feed.

Bacon Cheeseburgers! Nom Nom!

We weren't the only riders here.
These guys were riding all the single track in the area.

They were happy but exhausted.

We decided that we needed to bathe, and headed to the nearby State Park for showers and a night of "civilization".

They had a space for us and we set up our portable fabric houses.
Camp Snuggly.

CJ's portable cave.

and even Jeff decided to sleep "indoors".

I remember we met some other riders that evening, and proceeded to drink all their beer.

Another nice day...

Stats for the day:
170 miles Moving average 27.9
Moving Time 6:11 Stopped 3:56 Total 10:10


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