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Have been following your report here and on the blog. Really enjoying it. As in improving massively a windscreen, turning it into a functional work of art. Cool stuff. Noticed a buddha sitting on the handlebar, is it glued on? I also admire the way you've dissected the engine and put back together. Top surgery and nicely documented.

All in all very appreciative of your approach, ie the casual roaming, the many pictures. It is my preferred way too.
You might like to know I live near a place called Nederland. It has a population of app. 16 million.

Some time ago I got interested in solar charging electronics. Investigating the matter cooled down my enthousiasm rapidly. Promising technology but not yet, unless investing in very expensive equipment and uninterrupted direct sunshine. Now you rekindled my interest. As far as the bounds of this thread allow could you elaborate a bit? I would like to know from an actual user whether the more basic, affordable equipment, has become useful in not perfect (as in not perfect sunshine) conditions.
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