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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
I was just about to say it's a Valerie cos I distinctly remember seeing the bearing saying 'made in Spain' but had to recheck. Anyway yeah i haven't changed them over. Isn't Valeo the better more up to date starter?
The Valeos are a better (faster spinning & less current draw) starter, but had a reputation for losing magnets, so many people swapped them out for (the older, more reliable) Bosch starters (Gus is using a Bosch starter at present because exactly that has happened). But now you can buy replacement (& improved) parts for the Valeos, that fault is resolved.

Boschs have always been fully rebuildable. Up until the last few years, the Valeos were a throw away item.

Do you have a mount on the timing case to support the front of the starter? That should be there...The Valeos don't have those because weight wasn't such an issue.
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