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Jap vs. Euro

Great picture below explaining. To clarify, the stock front F800GS wheel has a Jap lace pattern(between the "Teepee" goes to the left). The stock rear F800GS wheel has a Euro lace pattern(between the "Teepee" goes to the right).

Because of the smaller nipple sizes, you probably won't find a rim that will just lace up to your hub, using stock spokes and nipples, outside of the stock rim, which because it's so ride, is the main reason why you bent in the first place.

some options: 1) If you swapped the nipples out with correct gauge as spoke and 0.320" body diameter nipples(hint, the nipples used on the Rear F800 would be the correct ones, or can call up and purchase), they would work with most Jap lace pattern rims, but these rims will likely only be the 1.60x21" size, which is only really good on the F800 for going off-road or 50/50 riding.

2) DID has a 1.85x21" rim with Jap lace pattern that we and others sell that if you went with 0.320" nipples would work, or we do have a custom drilled Excel as well that could work with larger nipples.

If you wanted to stick with stock rim and keep inexpensive, we have stock used rims for the F800, and you can contact us if you're interested.

Hope that helps and have a great weekend.


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Hi. I'm a little confused. Searching for front rim on f800gs (to replace bent one re-using stock spokes, nipples and lace pattern), here Thread: Beware: F800gs Rims Are Junk! #223 Chris says that it has euro lace pattern. But according to info above and photo below it looks like jap - central spoke in tepee heading to the left???

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