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"Now, if one has bad knees, a bad back/neck, poor core strength, etc., then obviously those people will have issues with certain riding positions...but that's the rider's issue, not the machine's"

I have all those things and a lot more. But I still like to ride. I have done 2 Iron Butt SS1000s on my 750 cruiser, easily and without pain. I may try again, that was a few years ago. I am quite sure there are a lot of riders in my condition, and it is good to see someone actually making a bike we can ride. Not that there aren't a lot of comfortable cruisers out there, but after a lifetime of cruisers, I'm kind of ready for a different look, but still want comfort. I switched from an upright bicycle to a recumbent many years ago, and it was 10 times better. I finally had to give that up when my knees just couldn't handle pedaling for any distance any more. In fact, I may be looking at a left knee replacement.

As far as soul, no Japanese bike made today has soul. Actually very few bikes made today have soul. It has been replaced with plastic and electronics. If you want soul, you will have to get a vintage bike.
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