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Nice read Ken, glad to see you having fun on the new bike. If you don't mind, please PM me with what you got in trade in on the GS. The wife has an '11 with 50k and we may be moving on soon. Very nice that you had such a good experience with your GS. For us, things went down hill fast after 30k.

Sounds like you found a sweet fit for your bike. I suck at two bikes, so completely understand going from two to one. BTDT. You're getting to the point where you might find this little organization interesting... IBA

Lots of fun rides to think about or ride. And fair warning, it may lead to riding more or even thinking about entering an endurance rally. Think scavenger hunt by motorcycle. Great way to see places you might never have found on your own. Different ones all over, from 8 hours to 11 days. Some are self paced Grand Tours that give you another excuse to go for a ride too.

Keep smiling and enjoying that new Glide.
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