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Originally Posted by Hotmamaandme View Post
Hey Joel, it's Marcia. If you would prefer something more formal for trash money I can collect the money from everyone when they are checking in to get their badges. Just a thought.
thanks marcia and others for the inputs. all good.

based on all the comments, we pretty much solved the problem........yeah i would like to think that way. all those who posted are good, but what about the majority who are not even reading this thread. just like the previous year and the years before that, we talked, a good portion complied but others just didn't care..

i will request PSR to provide dumpster and we will pay for it.

when you check in and get your badge, we will have a jar and based on the honor system you put whatever you could afford. no pressure. also here, we make people aware we have a trash issue.

everyone needs to have a badge or no dinner or no raffle for ya....sorry that's how we've been doing it. you don't want to wear a badge - no one is forcing you. another reason, there are 200 strange people out there... out there. how are we going to call your name? hey you it's me. that guy and this guy. yes, i feel good when people calling my name, you should too.

we will still need volunteers to help jim spafxer (camp host) to manage the campground. geoff - you fit in well here and thanks.

ideally, what ever stuff you brought in, bought in - you got to pack them out.
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