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Originally Posted by qman8 View Post
The horn and cancel buttons are COMPLETELY wrong for smooth control and safety, as noted.
I thought I would get used to it but I have not. From the perspective of a comparative physiologist, the motion of using the side of your thumb to hit a switch is anatomically opposed (no pun intended) to everything we have trained our thumbs to do for millions of years. Our opposable thumbs evolved to keep things in our hands, to help with grip. As our brain function improved we developed fine motor skills to use the tip of our thumb to hold more delicate objects. Our thumbs are good at pressing and can modulate between mashing pressure to very delicate pressure. Thumbs are good for pressing with great precision and strength, ask any gamer. Our thumbs as well as the rest of our fingers, by design, don't utilise the sides very much. With the exception of the relatively recent (on an evolutionary timeline) popularity of holding cigarettes, we do not purposely use the sides of our fingers or thumb for much.

Until we need to honk the horn on a BMW. In a panic situation I have to negotiate my (non-dominant) thumb unnaturally to activate the horn. It is easier to buzz the offending party and flip the bird. Maybe lefties have it easier in this case. Give me back a horn I can mash!!!
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