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Originally Posted by Nice_Rumble View Post
Care to comment on your choice of riding gear? Jackets/pants? You guys look ready for all weather conditions but I see John and Bruce chose Klim "in the boot" pants. Surprised given the chance of rain.

Your making me take a second look at the DR 650. Always thought of it as bike that stopped making technological improvements and left to languish on showroom floors. I mean 5-speed tranny, air cooled and carbureted? But yours somehow looks more modern and purposeful. Maybe all your mods brought it into the 21st century. I miss the bottom end torque on my WR250R and ability to haul the mail on the open tarmac. I like especially in the monochromatic dark grey paint scheme. Nice job!
Hey Skip !
Shhh, dont give Bruce any more amunition with the DR

"It's the best bike I ever had"

Seriously though, I love the bike, and you know I had a few. For some reason, this one hits the spot. Its just "easy","simple" and "reliable". Throw a jet kit in the carb and the bike just rips. It has an oil cooler and so it actually stays very cool (source DR thread). I am never looking for another gear even on the open slab as she is geared very good. And they can be hard to find new on the showroom floors after May as Suzuki limits production #'s. Coming off my GSA it feels like a 2 stroke 250 !
I'm really diggin it, and dont have any plans to sell it.

We all had rain gear stashed to go over our riding gear if needed.
It wasn't.
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