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I think your tire choice depends on what kind of riding you do and how long it takes you to put 3,000-4,000 miles on your bike. If it takes you a year to put on 4,000 miles, then get a cheaper tire.

If you buy more expensive tires like MEFO explorer 99 or Heidenau K60 scout you can get almost 2x the mileage (7,000-8,000) for about 2x the price (~$160) . More money up front but they last a fairly long time. They are both very good road tires and both are good on gravel, dirt and rocks. Mud and sand?....use something else.

I use them and like them. You end up riding on nice round tires for 6,000 miles, then putting the last 1000-1500 on squared off tires. If you use a tire that wears out every 4,000 miles you spend a lot more of your time on squared off tires.

You also don't spend as much time putting on new tires and you can take longer trips. I'll be heading for Mexico this Spring and I just put on a MEFO rear and a Heidenau front. They'll be worn out when I return, but they should both last the whole trip.

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