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I am pooped! Haha, can I write that?
Anyway, had a long day working on Spirit replacing both drive and rear wheel sprocket.
Of course I ran into quite a few glitches, it's turning out to be normal
I had forgotten that I didn't have the socket for my drive wheel nut, so I had my mother in law drive me to AutoZone to get one. Luckily, even though my adjustable wrench said it would be a 26mm socket, I decided to buy a 27mm one too, because I couldn't help but think that I used a 27mm one at Steven's. Sure enough, it needed a 27mm.
Also got very lucky in that my in-laws happened to have a metal tube lying around that I was able to use as leverage to take the nut off.
Then I couldn't get the nuts off the rear sprocket, with my 1/4 inch wrench and couldn't use my 3/8 because I didn't have the adapter for the socket.
Back to the store to buy a 12mm socket for a 3/8 wrench and an adapter.
Another reason to go back to the store was that the drive sprocket was not the right one. It was meant for an older KLR, and was way to thin. To make up for the thickness I bought a thick large washer. I think I got it pretty near the normal size.
While we were out again we stopped by a sporting goods store to check on rain gear, I had no desire to ever get soaking wet again! Again I was lucky in that the gear that I liked was not only on sale, but very thin and compact as well. A very light beige color that should be very visible. Got some reflective tape too that I'll stick on the arms for better visibility.

As you noticed, no pics! I decided that there were way to many pics on my RR of Spirit being partially or whole decommissioned.

One thing I did find out unfortunately, is that there are no camping places in or near Pharr TX, at least not for a tent. I am going to have to figure that out somehow............
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