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Originally Posted by abnslr View Post
What's wrong with Camaros? I really wanted one when I was 14...
(FYI, Here begins a rant that has nothing to do with the person I am quoting)

Who didn't?

ADD a Ferrari like Magnum P.I.

AND a Kick ass big, Chevy truck like the Fall Guy

AND a badass helicopter like Airwolf

AND a sweet motorcycle like in Tron

AND a kick ass, big boobed girlfriend that would tell our moms to, "fuck off!" as we rode off into the distance...

THEN...some of us grew up and decided we really liked RIDING motorcycles and instead of taking cheap motorcycles from CL and turning them into unrideable piles of crap. To add to his tragedy, about 90% of the trailer park residents that start one of these projects, completely destroying the motorcycle in the process, decided they no longer have the knowledge, skills or ambition to finish it....kind of like the rest of their lives.

The proof is in the showing. At every, tiny little show around here I see 1 or 2 builds that range from 1/4 ass to 1/2 ass, and in response I see multiple CL posts a month of redneck fools looking to sell their train wrecked catastrophe.

SO, if you have a nice bobber build, I'd love nothing more than to take a look. I will appreciate the art you have created, and thank you for contribution to not only the arts in general, but our sport in particular.

HOWEVER, for the 99% of the rest of the "bobber builders" out there...fuck you, fuck you, fuck you...for completely destroying what was once a perfectly good motorcycle.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

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