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The current order is fully sold. I am building the next order now. Accepting pre-orders at this time. When I get to 4, I'll add a speculation unit and place the order. Right now, we are at 0, with two people on the fence. The sooner I can place the order, the sooner the bars will arrive in the US and at customer's doorsteps.

To answer some questions -

Yes, Rumbux does offer an add on bar for the OEM Yamaha bars. On the up side, you gain better side protection and rigidity since it adds another mounting point on each side and has much better side protection. On the down side, you can't get the crash bar mounted skid plate with the OEM add on set up.

The 3-piece full Rumbux set gives you the wrap around protection, PLUS the lower bash frame and it's skid plate that is mounted to the bash frame, NOT the oil sump. That's the real bonus and strength of the Rumbux full system, the skid plate being mounted to the lower bash frame instead of the engine's sump. For maximum protection, the 3-piece full Rumbux is the way to go. With the OEM Yamaha system and the Rumbux add on, you still need a skid plate and are limited to units that bolt to the engine oil sump, with the exception of the outstanding Ride On ADV unit that is bomb proof, but also costs nearly as much as the full Rumbux 3-piece unit.

All new Rumbux orders will be delivered with the thicker 4.5mm skid plate that is now standard. Honestly, the 3mm skid plate is pretty stout, but it's still a 600 lb bike and if you hit something immovable at a good clip, well you can use all the protection you can muster.

Please feel free to PM me or call if you have any questions not answered here. I can place another order as soon as I get the demand, so once pre-orders start happening, it can move along quickly. The usual 6-8 weeks from when I place the order to Rumbux is expected, but we have been enjoying fewer unexpeced delays now that I've done this many times. Customs no longer needs to "re-inspect" my shipments, as they all come from the same source and go to the same destination. The current order is expected to arrive stateside at the end of Feb if things continue to go well.

Do understand that Rumbux has raised prices as of 2/1/13, so my prices have gone up accordingly. I will post new pricing tomorrow. The one potential customer that contacted me recently will receive the quoted price.

Eric 435-817-0809
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