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Ctx700 == dn-02?

I have a DN-01, and must be one of the few people who actually like the thing for comfortable cruising on shorter trips. Yes, after a couple hundred miles one starts to get uncomfortable, but I find this to be true on my FJR1300 also. Around town, in stop-and-go traffic or on city streets, the DN-01 is a joy to ride... fast enough but not fast enough to get you into trouble accidentally, and it handles remarkably well at low speeds. The CTX700 is the same riding position, and with the DCT it has the same functionality. I'll ride one, but I don't see getting rid of my DN-01.

JerryH, I also went the route from conventional road bike to recumbent (Bacchetta Aero Ti) and rode it for several years including multiple one-day double centuries (STP). I quit riding a few years ago because of knee pain and was dreading an operation, and then started to do air squats/hindu squats. I used to have serious knee pain to the point where I couldn't run on a treadmill, couldn't do leg presses on a machine, even had pain going down stairs or getting in and out of a car. I can do sets of 10 squats all day now, and maybe 75 without stopping, and the knee pain is gone. I had shoulder issues, also, and Hindu pushups have gotten rid of those... started off being able to do maybe 8 and can now do 40. Look on Amazon for 'Combat Conditioning' and follow the simple workout program, and if you haven't damaged your joints too badly it should work for you also. I believe the knee and shoulder issues were caused by asymmetrical development caused by too much specific, limited range-of-motion exercises.

I applaud Honda for realizing that the big US market out there isn't for guys looking for a sports bike, or wannabe pirates, but instead for normal middle-aged folks, many who are new to motorcycles, who don't want to look like a Hells Angel or a resident of SF's Castro district on a Friday night. These people are looking for an easy-to-ride, economical, unscary motorcycling experience so they can ride with their friends, and they've been buying things like Can-Ams, etc., and maybe want to move to two wheels. Or, they may be looking for a commuting vehicle that is fun to ride and very economical... and again not scary or stereotype-casting. The DN-01 was a good try, but not for $15K. I bought mine at right around $8K new, as a holdover from a dealer who wanted to get off it and was incented by Honda. They would have sold at $8K, and the new CTX700s will sell at that price, too.
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