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Originally Posted by Hipster View Post
Planning on going to Mexico in March and on returning to the US how closely will the Mexican officials look at the bikes VIN number tag? The bikes metal VIN number tag is partially cracked, and I can't read all the numbers w/o having the title in hand to verify every number. Will this be a problem?

The bike is a 2007 KTM 640 and I don't know if the local dealer/ KTM North America can issue me a replacement VIN number tag.
Contact state police for replacement, you will get the bike inspected and new vin tag issued,in Illinois officer will remove and destroy the old plate and attach the new plate to the frame. Make sure that all your paperwork is in order. That how vin is replaced on stolen and recovered vehicles and some rebuild cars.
I had one replaces on one of the cars where vin was attached to dashboard on stolen/recovered vehicle.
Contact some car re builders, they can point you in right direction.Fee may apply but is less problems later.

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