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Originally Posted by worwig View Post
Problem is that there is no way to give it a trial run to see if it is any better then the free OSMand that is it coded from.

You're right there... at the same time I hate having to sort thru 20 half ass products and for the sake of simplicity would much rather have 1 reliable, great product. The best solution I can see are free limited time usages with full capabilities. Way back when Adobe InDesign was only $450 someone suggested it to me as the best product for doing what I needed done. I thought there is no way that I would ever pay $450 for software but I did get the free 30 day trial, thought I could finish my project in that time which I did, but at the end of 30 days found it was worth $450.

Fakename I agree... when the KTM690 enduro first came out I TRIED riding it across North and Central America but the fuel injection went out about a dozen times and I was towed/pushed etc to 9 different dealers. Most didn't have the software to work on the 690's injection system or even read the codes. They said it cost thousands of dollars and they hadn't needed it yet. Why couldn't we be able to monitor that kind of stuff on our own bikes thru a smart phone?
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