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Originally Posted by foxtrapper View Post
I haven't done it because I haven't found an app that works as well as my GPS does. Google maps is ok, as long as you don't get out of cell phone range for very long. Get off the limits of the map Google has downloaded, and the program crashes. Haven't found any others that I liked all that much on the app market.

For offroad adventuring, I've found things like a Garmin 60 or Delome PN to far exceed the abilities of the smartphone apps, mostly because of their maps.

For road: Sygic navigator, iGo, TomTom, Garmin navigation + another appr. 50 applications. Yes, not free but not expensive at all
For offroad: almost endless choice, same maps but of course offroad GPS is kinda really tough piece of hardware unlike Galaxy etc.
For Russia and Ukraine etc. dedicated GPS maps are useless for example. You have to use local ex-military maps and there are things like OZI explorer maps for app is Androzic etc. etc.

I wonder why people always try Google maps first...I only use this on my phone for walking or when everything else fails for some reason. If you treat phone as actually GPS that can use almost any software whole picture changes.
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