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Originally Posted by Rob.G View Post
One point I haven't seen mentioned (or I missed it) is that the screen resolution on smartphones is so high that they're impossible to read while moving. Plus their displays aren't nearly as readable in sunlight as a real GPS.

I have a Zumo 665, which is the biggest POS I've ever owned for a GPS, but I still use it because it's better suited to navigation than my phone. I hate the low-res maps and how slow the thing responds, but it's tough, waterproof, and works with gloves. I do still use my phone when stopped to doublecheck locations and routes, since it does have a nice high-res display, and I've downloaded tons of maps to it so I don't have to be in a coverage area.

Not the case for Samsung Amoled display. Big screen that not at all different than same GPS software screen.
Can't comment on iPhones thou. Yes, I do not like iPhone :)
Interface of Garmin on Android is same with interface of Garmin on Garmin.
Saying that - direct sunlight on Garmin 350 is no problem unlike Galaxy.
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