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Tech questions

Some questions:

1. why did you choose ktm fairing over the Touratech one?
I ordered the touratech fairing with out the lights, installed the infinity projectors my self. Touratech fairing has the stainless steel plates that make the frame stronger, I clued them to aluminium and welded the spacers that are between to the alu frame plates.

Also I can not belive how you thoght that the Erik frame that is full of holes would stand a chance .
Beacuse Cole had problems with touratech frame with out the stainles plates.

2. how did he alu rear frame survived?
I ordered the XXL tank and luggage rack from erik, but when I started to bolt it to alu rear frame I gave up, the alu frame is so weak and problem (cracks) waiting to happen (I hate technical problems that take up the time on the road)- so I got the steel frame- and it is the real deal (M6 holes for rack and tank. So I will bolt it all together with Nordlock washers and thread clue)

Thanks for the great RR.

I am on the 3 year bike (g650xc) building and testing schedule and then will be off to the same roads you were- big plus for me I can speak russian.
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