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Originally Posted by Spud Rider View Post
Cycle News did a comparison of the three, Japanese, 250cc, dual sport motorcycles.

It's nice to have choices. Each of these three bikes will appeal to different riders, based upon their preferred riding. However, everyone agrees the CRF250L is an exceptional value.

Thanks for posting the article Spud! I would say they did miss a major point in their conclusion at the end regarding the WRR's heftier price tag. They said something to the effect of if your experienced enough to handle the WR's dirt capabilities why not pony up the extra 2 grand for a KTM that is even better? (I'm sure they are seeing the WR as 1/2 way between the CRFL and KTM EXC price wise.)

Unless you don't ride that much, the WRR (and of course the other bikes) are no where near the price of the KTM in real world money.
The KTM is probably about $1 US a mile.
The Yamaha is probably about $.20 a mile - 5X cheaper!
I'm betting the Honda (based on researching CBR250 projected life at rental companies) could be as cheap as $.10 a mile.

Unless you don't ride your bikes that much (which probably the majority of people in 1st world countries don't - though certainly the bulk of Asian countries do) those numbers are more important than initial purchase price!
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