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The Lagunas Route GPS Files, Waypoints, and more....

Okay, I know I promised this a while ago, but I've just now figured out how to do it. I had tons of requests for this information, so, rather than responding one by one to each email and PM, I'll just post a link to it on my google drive here and you can dowload it if you so desire:

Be forewarned, there are some small gaps in some of the lines as my GPS power likes to go on and off at random times.

Also, here are some waypoints that I pulled off of a Horizons Unlimited post. I believe that these are the ones that Mike downloaded for us. Of special note is the Bolivian Aduana; don't miss that one or you'll be making a 160km detour to get your papers stamped. Or you'll just have to bribe someone like we did.

Arbol De Piedra S22 03.109 W67 52.992 4585 m
Bol Aduana S22 26.452 W67 48.353 5019 m
Bol Border S22 52.434 W67 47.426
Camp Ende (gas,water,food,accomodation) S22 10.415 W67 49.117 4316m
Chilean aduana+border S22 54.665 W68 11.629
Colchani-Entry to Salar S20 18.001 W66 55.999
Waypoint EntrytoSalar south (approximate,but you cant miss it) S20 33.995 W67 34.499
followtracksouthhere S21 04.831 W67 59.809
San Juan (gas,water,food,accomodation,incagraveyard) S20 53.930 W67 45.915
Geyser S22 25.988 W67 45.704 4885 m
go south to here and follow railway S20 58.589 W67 45.934
go straight S21 23.609 W67 59.617
Hot Spring S22 46.945 W67 48.168 4330 m
IsladePescada(approximate) S20 09.956 W67 45.154
keep left S21 30.535 W67 51.695
keep south S21 44.924 W67 58.644
Laguna Blanca S22 32.140 W67 38.980 4422 m
lago colorada S22 09.692 W67 44.950
laguna verde S22 47.113 W67 46.591

Or, you can just go to this link and download all of those waypoints:

Now, there is also a topo mapset that Mike downloaded somehow, but I've already deleted my copy and I'm not sure where he got it from. If I figure that out I'll put it in my google drive and post up a link for everyone.

Even without that map, the free Open Street Maps cover this area with most of the little roads depicted. If any of you didn't know about OSM, it's a free, routable, customizable, dowloadable map service for your GPS. It's what I use instead of the Garmin South America stuff. Why spend a ton of money on the Garmin software (which is often incorrect) when you can get something that is just as good for free? If you want to get some of the OSM stuff, go to this link:

That's all I've got for now, hope this helps everyone!

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