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Originally Posted by Lornce View Post
Ok. As I have nothing productive to do, or indeed anything to do, and believe me that's not as good as it sounds, I'll ramble on 'bout this one for a bit...

I'd rather see it sat on to see how the chassis settles under load, but I've too little spare bandwidth to load thru/ough the pages at the link to find a suitable reference pic, so I'll go with this one. Rather than repeating it each time, let's take into account the general rule that it's waaaaay better than I could do etc. ad inf.

The front & back suspension are too extended to give a proper view, but they make it look too high for me, and this in turn throws out the endmufflercan, though with reference to a previous review of another, I note that it's a long exhaust run. The front downpies are routed sweetly, if a little tightly to the thus heated front cover. I'm also guessing that it's a 2 bolt front cover, maybe with the bottom dowel removed for ease of access.

Don't think the engine has been moved, certainly not moved up, even if it were to have been shifted forward a la AMA racers. Uses the type 2 airbox, which is not my preference, tho/ough it's probably better for breathing, especially if the trumpets were drilled. No battery visible, and not visible under the gearbox in this pic. However in this case there is of course the potential of placing something in the seat hump, and I guess if you could afford to build this, then you could afford a high power mini gel battery or some swanky capacitor battery replacement unit?

I cannot forgive under any circumstances the apparent lack of a sidestand...

The lack of front suspension load somehow make me see it as having a slightly tighter rake/trail in the forks, perhaps thru/ough an offset top tripleyolktree? Or maybe that's an illusion? Or it's a slightly larger front wheel? Or maybe it's an illusion, as loading up the front would in effect push the front wheel away from the front cover slightly. Or maybe it's an illusion? Not sure what the front end is off, as I have a vague memory of it saying something about the source somewhere on one of the pages I saw when looking at this bike. But anyway it appears to have 4 pot Brembos hooked on via what seem to be fabricated brake mount plates? Again, something that's beyond me. Onto floating disks, but I don't specifically recognise the source of the wheels. I'd like to run 4 pots on the K fronted DMW boxer, , which ought to bolt straight on, if someone was throwing out a set? The front mudfenderguard is nice and discreet, and is there some form of fork bracing integrated into the mount. For some reason I'm feeling the running gear front & rear may be Oilhead maybe?

If my memory is correct (it won't be) from when I last looked pics of the other side I think it has the preferred Paralever rear cardondrivearmshaft, which I've always wanted to slot onto the DMW (see above begging phrase), though what with the current bike being a twinshock, I'd need to position & weld a mount to the frame, neither of which I can do; and fab up a mount for the lower torque/suspension arm mounting point, which I can't do either. I'm unclear as to whether the Oilhead paralever would fit, though I seem to recall* having seen it done, but the very end of the Airhead run had a Paralever of some sort I'm (moderately) sure(ish)** But what do I know...

The bars & hand gear look good, and sit well with the fairing, which seems orientated to run with the shape/lines of the bike, so again I wonder if it's derived from a Oilhead to match the front end. But I'm sire the into is on the linked pages somewhere, if I had the bandwidth or inclination to look. And so we come to the tank, which works in shape & position, but I've always had a fondness for assembling mutant boxers using primarily BMW parts. This may of course be one, but I don't recognise it, and would perhaps myself have shot at an R65LS tank, which I find to be a pleasant alternative to the standard R tank, and I can never afford one of those great big tanks, whatever they're called, again I forget.

To my (bent) eye the rear subframe looks fabricated, with the lower strut mounting points repositioned, and fitted on just one side? I wonder what this might do to the rigidity for the seated rider. Either way the seat is presented at a pleasant angle, and abuts to the tank nicely. I can't help but think that the seat & tail unit are custom made, and would require a level of skill once more beyond my feeble powers. The padding looks a bit luxurious for me, though the form of the rear pod, and selection & placement of the rear light works. I'd probably not get away with that angle on the number plate, as when mine was originally angled sort of like that I got plenty of grief from the Pointy Headed Cnuts, as according to them their Auto Number Plate Recog wouldn't read it.

Footpegs look well placed, tho/ough I don't recognise the type from this low res image, and is it me, or are there no indicators, unless that's what the blob is by the exhaust mount plate, tho/ough I think not***, and maybe the fronts are in the mirrors? But otherwise I don't see indicators. The frame colour goes with the paintjob, tho/ough I might have gone for black all over myself. Black & rusty.

I'm not going to proof read this shit, so if it doesn't make sense or is horrifically misspelled you'll know why...

* If you misspell that word, missing out the last L, the auto-spell tries to render it as rectal, take from that what you will...
** Don't ever use me as a reliable sauce of info.
*** More likely a breather?, but if so, one that breathes over the back wheel, which whether it's oil or fuel makes me somewhat nervous.
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