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Unmount the stock BMW cases stand

Hi all!

I want to unmount the stock BMW cases stand because I want to mount the TT one.

No problem for the upper part, my questions are for the lower part...

I made some pictures:

Here under the bike, I must unscrew the two screws which are holding the cases stand. Dummy question, must I rescrew the two screws after, or do they just hold the stand?

Here, on left side of the cases stand, there's the screw for the exhaust:

Is it OK to reuse the same screw after taking out the cases stand or will it be too long and I must have a shorter one?

Last one, here under the bike, behind the license plate:

We can see the cases stand going through the width of the bike. There's nothing like a screw I can see here, so is there a screw which hold the stand by the top (I mean under the rear BMW logo, where the luggage rack takes place)?

I hope my questions can be understood, my english isn't so good
Thank you in advance guys :)
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