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One of the most beautiful places I have ever been is the Bayfield Peninsula in Wisconsin. You get to Asheville and then head north on Highway 13... through Washburn, Bayfield and then onto the Red Cliff Chippewa Tribe reservation. You can also take the cheap ferry to Madeline Island from Bayfield which puts you out in Chequamegon Bay.

I worked for the Red Cliff Tribe. The history of that area is fascinating. The Anishinabe AKA Chippewa migrated to that area from the East Coast/ Mouth of the St. Lawrence River. They had a prophesy that they would migrate west until they found the "food that grows on water"... the wild rice.

All the Chippewa Bands used to live on Madeline Island. It was a strategic outpost for the Anishinabe because it was protected from ambush by the bay. The Souix and Chippewa have a long history of warring for teritory up there. Some bad juju went down out in La Point... rumors are there was some kind of evil resulting in canibalism. *

From there the bands dispersed to their present day locations. On the very northern tip of the reservation there is a campground for the public. There is also one that is strictly for tribal members... I wouldn't trespass and go to the tribal one... but, you can go to the Tribal Headquarters and pay to stay in the public campground.

It is very rustic and remote. During the time I was there, there were black bears, wolves, of course tons of deer and a wild cat running around the rez. The Tribal Game Wardens were coordinating with some researchers to remove the cat, because they were afriad it might attack some children, as it was sighted in some of the neighborhoods.

If no one is at the Tribal HQ, feel free to stop by the firestation/ police station to get the poop on camping. The head of the Tribal Police is a really good guy... as long as you talk to a tribal member in the admin in Red Cliff, I am sure you will not have any problems... however, keep in mind that there is no cell up there past Bayfield. You may want to carry bear spray in case. Good times!

* History of the Ojibway People by William H. Warren
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