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I have a 530 and a 570. If you have a problem, pray you own the 530. I have my 530 stripped down to fit a 570 kit and cam. I'm waiting for parts but it took under an hour to strip the tank, rads, hoses, carb, head, cam, cylinder.

Same amount of time and number of bolts it takes to get the tank off the Burg.

If it never breaks, the Burg is delightful. I'm waiting for it to come back from the shop as I couldn't trouble shoot the latest issues. At 1500 miles it is getting a new cam, a new throttle body intake boot, the 4th fuel pump and I'm hoping that's it. KTM is generously covering only the cost of a new pump, no labor and nothing on the $375 cam with defective A/D that it has probably been bad since near day one. The bike always was a bitch to start.

On the flip side, the 530 has been raced, DSed and supermotoed since 09. It had 1/16" ring gap but still ran fine, just burning some oil. It has wanted for nothing. Gravity is a wonderful fuel delivery device!

The guts of the engines are identical, it is the packaging. The version #1 70 degree needed another generation to be better serviceable and carry more fuel with less trapped heat and components. Try pulling off the mid pipe! Holy Smokes!
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