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Originally Posted by craydds View Post
Cash, looks like that bar might work for me - - bar "H" on that bikemaster page. Do your handgrips/controls clear the gas tank at full lock? That is my problem with the RS bar.
Very astute there! I did have to raise up the bar clamps to make the Magura (I think you've got the Magura, too) MC. The problem was not the clearance with the tank(I have a toaster tank). There was a clearance problem with the banjo fitting on the MC and the fork spring caps. I made a pair of little spacers out of 1/4" aluminum flat bar which fit between the lower clamp pad and the top plate of the triple. If you go way back to the thread I started a long time ago, you might be able to see the spacers in my pictures, but they hide well.

Oh my God there's an awful lot of snow out there.
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