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Originally Posted by porkandcorn View Post

friday, february 8, 2013 - first day of carnival

for those of you looking for carnival pictures, you might have better luck with google images than with this blog. florianopolis doesn't really host a traditional carnival like you might have in your heads. the funny thing is that carnival is actually held in these weird stadiums, sambadromes, where there are massive bleachers on either side of a central 'avenue', and the samba processions move through the sambadrome. i always thought carnival was this big celebration out in the streets, which it is at time, but the ones that foreigners see on tv are the ones in the sambadromes. here, it's more big parties at big clubs.
You may discover that in Florianopolis you may still find the more traditional street carnaval. I was there a few years ago, had a chance to enjoy the Carnaval de Rua on a very small scale, but it makes you more part of the celebration and it is much closer to its origins. Check the schedule for "carnaval de rua" in the villages of Santo Antonio de Lisboa and Sambaqui, and others I don't remember.

Below is a photo of the setting, before the Carnaval de Rua starts (I apologize for the out of focus photo). To be honest, I don't remember what village this was... I asked people at the hotel and they offered a few options (each of the four days of Carnaval it happens on a different one of these traditional villages.

And later the fun starts!

BTW I also came down that Serra do Rio do Rastro road, and it also had fog...

Looking back up:

I'm enjoying your report
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