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Originally Posted by LethPhaos View Post
Awesome thread, and great pictures!
I'll be riding in the same general area somewhere in June this year, so thanks a lot for sharing the tracks!
Route through balkans will be slovenia, croatia, bosnia, serbia, kosovo bulgaria, romania. Lots off tarmac riding, but I'm hoping to squeeze in as much offroad as I can. If you'll be in the area, let me know, we might be able to meet up :)

Originally Posted by Blackbert View Post
Thank you for doing this RR.
We have been in Slovenia and the Northern part of Croatia a few years ago. It itches now. Think we need to come that way again.

Feel free to send me a PM when your trip departure gets near. By the summer I'll have more good offroad tracks planned By the time this RR is over there will be collection of tracks spanning almost 4000 km, either offroad or on small local, fun and twisty, roads...

And if our timing works out then we could also share a ride.

Shear amount of unspoiled wilderness in both Bosnia and Montenegro is simply amazing. I think that there is no other place (except Albania, probably) in Europe where you can just go where ever you want, camp anywhere and so on. All of the Balkans is like that, it just happens that most attractive mountains are in Bosnia and Montenegro.
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