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Originally Posted by KTBen View Post
This is a great idea (just what ive been thinking about)

Have you got a photo of a bike with the black fairing? Maybe even a photo of one on a bigger bike.....
Ben, we've sold out of the first batches, they were only white, have machine time booked for production on the tool end of next week will have white, black and orange then. As far as a bigger bike, haven't tried yet, really focusing on getting the kits for Honda's and Yamaha's done first. What bike are we talking about?

Originally Posted by ROKIT_71 View Post
Hello Paul,

Really like your set up and have some queries regarding it.

I'm picking up this week a 2103 Berg 501 to set up for the Condo 750 & The Australian Safari.

This kit would fit straight on I assume as it is a blue KTM!

With regard to the lighting do you need to upgrade anything. Will standard wiring set up handle the Squadron LED lights? Can they run high and low beam? Do they plug straight in?

How much are the handlebars raised to accommodate the set up?

Can you ship to Australia?

Thanks mate and great work!

Rokit, the only thing I'm concerned about is the lower triple mount on that and the new KTM XC-F and SX, they have front mounts on the lower triple for the fenders and no tapped holes on the top of the lower triple, I'll need to try the lower mounting bracket on one to see.

Looks like the 501 will have enough power, same as my 500XCW, but you'll need to do some wiring for the lights and switches, and you'll want to fuse them separately so that if one shorts or has an issue they both don't go dark.

The Squadrons come in spot, flood, combo and wide cornering. None are DOT or street legal, but as mentioned they can be made to pass if the scrutiny isn't too bad. They do come in a plug and play config for KTM's, but if you have 2 you'll still want separate switching and fusing.

The lowest configuration for the bars would be less than an inch over stock to allow for the damper submt.

Yes I can ship to Australia, but USPS has just increased their international shipping rates 25%+ so that might hurt.

I can get you a quote, email me what you would like to order.

Originally Posted by Knobbiethrower View Post
Will the KTM KIT fit a 2011 Husaber 570 FE?
KBT, Microfiche on the 570 looks like if it's stock should work, but really just needs the triples with those holes on the triple pictured above. You can email me some pics of yours and I should be able to tell.

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