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Originally Posted by Tom-Nor View Post
The top case on that bike is custom made so it goes over the back seat, original its wher every one ells has it.
Ah, that makes sense. Then I like it for solo riding, keeps the weight centered.

I dont want foreign made motorcycles, but ther arent made any her so i am happy with japanes,english,austrian and italian.
And about losing your licens, thats al about self control. And IMHO no one with out self control should ride a motorcycle.
I think we basically agree on this, I have a GSA and a KTM righ now, because there aren't good options American made. I almost bought a Buell Ulysses, but the riding position was too cramped for me. And while I agree with you about self control - a ZX14 has the annoying habit of just goading you to pull the trigger....all the time.... I lack self control...

Powerful for real world use? What dos that mean? Do you want a 300cc??
It looks like you should buy a FJR1300,Kawa GTR1400 or a BMW K1300GT it has everything you listed, exept that thay dont have real world power and are not made in the usa
I love the mid range torque of the Harley engine, that's what I think the Motus is bringing to the table - but with a chassis that makes sense.
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