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Originally Posted by 2upincolorado View Post
Great pictures! Looks like wonderful country. My wife and I are seriously thinking of a trip to Scotland to ride the countryside. We have a BMW R1200 GS (Colorado USA) and would like to rent something similar in country. Very early planning phase. Is there anything you could advise us regarding seeing the country by motorcycle?

Well to expand on Kwakbiker's eloquent summation: it rains a lot in Scotland. Summer is no guarantee of good weather. 2012 in particular was a stormy summer. Is Colorado hot or cold (I want to say both)? It tends not to get too cold in summer (ie it doesn't freeze) but high winds are pretty common when you're up north. You'd probably be ok two-up on a GS.

American helmets will be illegal to use here. For a helmet to be road legal it has to be EU approved. I've never heard of the police checking helmets but it's something to bear in mind.

As for renting a GS, a quick Google check brings up I have no idea what they are like but their main page says they have 1200s so they might be worth investigating.

Petrol is very expensive here. Certainly a good bit more than you pay in the states. And it it gets slightly more expensive the further north you go. Most things will be more expensive actually but petrol is where you'll notice the biggest difference.

Other than that, good luck with the planning. I hope you do get across. Scotland is genuinely one of the best biking countries in the world. More people should experience it.

Originally Posted by radmeister View Post
Matt, just finished reading your great thread. When will you post your photos of Loch Duich and Eilean Donan Castle (hint, hint)? Had a great time there years ago.

No riding here in the True North Strong and Free. A foot of snow has already fallen today and it is still coming down hard.

I can hardly wait until winter is over and you start riding again.

Well done!
Thanks man. Glad you enjoy it. I have family in Canada (I had to look up your lyrics!) that are constantly updating Facebook with new photos of the snow. I also have family in Australia forever updating us with photos of fire. We've had very little snow this winter and even less fire. Should be back out pretty soon actually if the weather stays as mild as it has been.

Eilean Donan Castle is top of the list this year so hopefully March or April.

Originally Posted by Tjilpi View Post
Wonderful, thank you Matt.
So that'll be Ireland and Scotland next July (from a then wet Thailand).
Haha it'll be wet here too! I really do hope you come. A biking holiday of Scotland and Ireland would be superb.


As for this year I have bought myself a nice new camera and sought advice on how to use it so hopefully my photos will get better. Fingers crossed that I'll have my full licence in the next month or so too which should mean that longer trips become possible and you won't need to look at a new picture of Loch Lubnaig every other day!

I'll leave you with a couple of picture from my local park since there aren't many pictures of Falkirk on here at all.

Callendar Park:

Scotland at 45mph- My ongoing travels around Scotland

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