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Nice bike bro. One of my favs. It's on my list of dream bikes.
Originally Posted by JaxObsessed View Post
Jax' mediocre moto/photo thread, a general waste of time.

Greetings all. I'm Jack. Welcome to my thread.

I'm not a good photographer by any means, but I am prolific!!! This boy knows how to push a button!! I don't write particularly well either, so form no expectations in that arena!!

Jaxwife: Do you really need another photo of your motorcycle?
Jax: What do you think? You are the one who called me obsessed.

In about .5 hours, I am beginning a 7500 mile ride. This part should be in ride reports, but the Western North American Continental Divide has been done definitively by Col. Cannonshot and others..... Soooooo I'll just use this ride to bust out this mediocre thread!!

H14's Continental Divide Ride report..... SOME GREAT STUFF HERE!> From a friend who rode the Divide with me.

The ride report starts on page 11 post 155.

I am one of the luckiest human beings who ever lived!

The machine of choice for the ride:

"Stuff I Like" Begins page 33 post 490

Hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I do!!!


I have had so much fun riding and posting photos on ADV that it has become a large portion of what I do to have fun. Here are some other threads I started. Mt Saint Helens Low Country SC and Michaux Pennsylvania State Forrest


I've had a number of inquires about my gear, bike, cameras, gps farkles etc... so I'm going to update this first post with all that stuff.

Current JackShit:

Over the years i have had a mess of cameras, and I am tough on cameras.... They often commit suicide rather than be abused by me ever again.
I have used several Canon slrs and pas(point and shoot) cameras. Currently I use a Canon (sx230hs) pas. It has been a good camera and lasted longer than any other Canon pas, although there are times when it fails completely to take pictures. It has a problem with the plastic lens door opening all the way and it no longer will zoom, which SUX because the 14X optical zoom was a selling point.
I also have a Nikon coolpix s3100 pas that has outlasted ANY pas camera that I have owned. I've had that for 18 months!!!! It doesn't function properly either... I broke the LCD a few days after i got it so I can't change the settings or preview a shot...... I am lucky as shizzle that the setting it was on when I busted the lcd is a good sorta universal auto setting. For the CDR ride I took JaxWifes S3100 which functions perfectly (because she is not tough on stuff) .
I use her Nikon D40x when i get a chance, it's a wonderful camera, but I'm afraid I would ruin an slr within 30 seconds of owning one.
Cameras past, mostly Canon pas, but I've had a few others. Olympus, Kodak, Sony ... all dead or living with a nice person who found them after they fell off my bike (never to be found by me)

Riding Gear:
I'm a bit of a gear junkie with strange tastes for an "ADV rider"
Minimal: Danner Rainforest insulated GTX, I always feel vulnerable, but I feel especially vulnerable in my Danners. The only reason I use these anymore is because my MX boots don't have enough feel to use the brake and gear levers properly on the Tiger. (i'm working on that)
Preferred: Motocross boots. Presently using Astars Tech3s (2 pair) one perfed for summer and one for colder riding. Goretex socks for waterproofing. Fleece, neoprene and technical material socks for warmth.
I have 5 Jackets.... hehehehh see-junkie.
My favorite is a Fieldsheer mesh. "Old crusty" Used in the heat of summer. ( I feel pretty vulnerable in this jacket although it has some armor) I almost always wear my EVS Ballistic pressure suit under the mesh hard CE protection for chest, spine, shoulders, elbows with a kidney belt. They complement each other nicely. Mesh for some abrasion resistance and the EVS for impact.
Speed and Strength 'hell and back' for the rest of the year.
Here is where I go off the farm.... or on the farm lol uh
I prefer leather pants.
Tourmaster Apex track pants perfed for Summer (3 season)
Tourmaster Decker for colder riding.
Bass Pro goretex bibs for summer rain / cold protection that I wear outside the leathers.
Klim Klimate insulated goretex bib for winter cold wind moisture protection, again worn with the leathers inside.
Rain gear:
I usually go for the cheap off the shelf jackets that stow easily and are not painful (economy wise) to replace.
Summer: AStars Sp-X
Mid cold: Astars Drystar
coldern hell: Klim Inversion
Summer: Arai XD3 "ol stinky" :)
Winter: Scorpion 900

05 BMW F650GS thumper
09 Triumph Tiger 1050 triple

I have 2 sets of rims for my 650. 17" rear, 19"front.
The road wheels have Continental Trail Attacks. Don't let the name fool you. These are road tires. Peg scraping good.
The dirt rims have a Continental TKC80 on the front and a Michelin T63 rear.

El Tigre has Michelin 17"x17" P3s front and rear. This tire sticks.

Custom seat by JAX I took a Dakar High added some awesome foam I found in a dumpster and put a new piece of vinyl on top.
Ermax windshield, customized by JAX.... I ziptied an old shield to the top to get rid of the last little bit of buffeting. How KLR of me
SWmotech crash bars.
Cold air intake faker.... :)
Progressive springs in the OEM forks. (someday I'll do the YZ fork mod)
cheap accordion fork boots
Ohlins shock.
Triumph Tiger OEM tank bag
TCI top/pannier rack....sweet!!
Cortech soft pannier bags.
Bar risers
Custom by JAX hand guards. I used a piece of aluminum rubrail from a boat swim platform for the support and 5$ used polaris quad plastics. OH SO KLR
Two Brothers Titanium slip on can.
4x tractor supply tool tubes.
Bicycle bar end with a RAM gps mount ziptied to it.


Camping Gear:
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