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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
If you are putting the X-Challenge cartridges into the F8 outer tubes, make sure that the travel is limited internally, and not by the longer upper tube bottoming out.
It shouldn't, the cartridge body is 4-5mm longer, besides that both dampers compress and extend the same length, the upper tubes are ~40mm shorter, the lower tubes ~40mm longer, they both share the same stock spring (same exact part number)so all things equal it should not be an issue since the cartridge sits further in the lower tubes which is what allows it to move the extra 40mm or so on the xChallenge.
I have ridden mine on some pretty rough terrain and have hit a few drops and have yet to bottom it out. I should only travel as far as the spring allows it to.
Static sag was a ~3-4mm higher but that should be caused by the stiffer Ohlin's springs.
Also remember static sag should be shorter on the xChallenge since it is close to 100lbs. lighter

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