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The naysayers or civilians who state, "I don't that's safe, so I don't think you should do that" really irk me. Not safe for whom? If you really care about MY safety, check your mirrors before lane changing, use your turn signals, don't turn left in front of me, and don't attempt to prevent me from doing something that is perfectly legal. They're just pissed/jealous that we can do this.

I think a new study is in order. The Hurt Report is outdated. But it did show that the majority of accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles were the result of the other vehicle violating the motorcyclist's right-of-way. And not only is a study in order, but a campaign to explain the safety and merits of lane sharing, along with acceptable guidelines. I'm not sure if I'm in favor of what the CHP has posted, but I can understand that it's a start. There are definitely more wrong than right ways to do it safely.

I do fear, however, that these posted guidelines are the first step to tougher enforcement and/or limits to lane sharing.
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