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If your issue is a worn TB or TB shaft causing air leaking and rough idle because of random leaning I doubt that is anything catastrophic. It will idle funny and random and maybe even run rough a bit but as long as you do not let it sit and idle a long time {not reccomended anyway} it will not likely run hot from the lean.

A simple but very temporary fix is to take some grease and pack it around the TBs anwhere there is an opening, like around where the shaft goes out the body to the linkage. The heavier the grease the better. The fix will attract dirt and cause its own issues like dirt and grime, but that can be cleaned off with some carb spray and new grease.

The thick grease will sort of seal off the air passage sometimes and prevent the air from passing by the shaft. I have done this on old Weber and Kadron carbs for VW bugs. It may work even better on the FI bodies since there is no fuel in the TB until after the injector.

Worth a quick try and see if it helps for now.
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