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After a quick post to agree with the comment about roosters crowing all night and that I am actually fond of that sound (well not always, like when I am trying to sleep) but mostly I am fond of chickens in the streets and roosters crowing when ever they please. Well after all that, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and wished the others a safe trip north. Dad and I got organized, packed the bikes and headed out for Muluge. We made a side trip out to the point near Palo Verde, it's about 15 mi of typical Baja rocky, sandy, washboard, rutted road. Totally worth exploring. Near the end we found a small place to get tacos pescado, cervesa's, and took them to the beach for ashore lunch, after spent some time beach combing.

Thinks were going so well and we were way ahead of schedule, rather than stop in Muluge we kept on for Loreto. What a nice city Loreto is. We kept getting the same recommendation for a dinner spot, Mita Gourmet. After a grande Pacifico at the garden table we made our way to Mita for dinner. I asked for what they were most proud of, especial de la casa la dia. Dad had chicken fajata's, both were the best food either of us has had in the last week, or longer. It was good. We chased it with ice cream comes from the shop around the corner.

We are hoping to go fishing in the morning but its been windy so that's not promising, a trip to the mission is the alternative, also the weekly farmers market is in town from 7-9 so that could be interesting too.

No bad days!
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