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We were required to average 45 mph as it was held under the guise of an SCCA Time/ Distance road rally where you get points for hitting the check points at various places around the track at the ideal times. They waived the white flag at the three hour mark telling you to complete one more lap. We were also required to take two, five minute breaks. Everybody finished with right around 129 miles. I used full on Pulse and Glide and this was the only time I have ever used Engine off Coasting. It was windy but blowing in the perfect direction as it was in my face all the way up the uphill back stretch which would have required throttle anyway. And was a tail wind on the front straight which I was able to coast with the engine off for three quarters of the length and down to the bottom of turn one after gunning it up to 55 mph out of the last turn. There were also three other areas where I was able to run engine off.
The competition was actually taken quite seriously with team Lexus getting black flagged for having the hybrid sedan draft the SUV. Toyota also had a factory demo fleet there showing off the new Prius C which broke 60 mpgUS with the cruise control on.
The guy with the Heinkel got 120mpg on the track. And crushed us all over the road the next day with another 120 mpg result where we were running up one side of the lake and back down the other on beautiful country roads but in a driving rain that was so strong that the electrathon competitors had to call off the race as it was to bad to travel in. I got 101 mpg that day. And a burger at McDonald's where I stopped after 70 miles to warm up for a few minutes.

Notice the rag top and that you open the windshield like a door to climb in.
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