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Great advice guys, thanks!

It's been a couple weekends now, and here's what I've gotten done:
  • Watched a bunch of the DVDs, found a Maintanance and Repair manual in PDF, visited the dealer that originaly sold the bike, got printouts of the service records from 2002-2006
  • Installed a new Westco Battery from BeemerBoneyard
  • Motor oil change
  • Trans fluid change
  • FD fluid change
  • plugs change (gads - ya should have seen the rust on those things!)
  • valve adjustment
  • idle/TB sync
  • hydraulic fluid check (needs changing, but I'm getting to that...)
  • Title transferred
  • North Carolina state safety inspection (it passed)
  • Insurance/license plate
  • Windshield mounted
  • Right side plastic ordered/purchased/installed
  • About 90 miles on it zipping up and down the country roads out by where I live
w00t! This thing is FUN! It sounds much better with the above work done on it than it did on that video from the first weekend. Thank you, thank you, all for the pointers and links. I've been sucking up this BMW info like a sponge. They seller's brother works where I do, and has been a great help too.

I do have something weird going on, and yes - I've searched, but can't seem to find anything. It's regarding battery tenders.....

I'm a bit anal about putting your standard run-of-the-mill Battery Tender Junior (wall-wart) on all my bikes. I ran out and got one for this bike. I use the pigtails direct to the battery and zip-tie the cord end to the frame. Never, ever had an issue using this method on a Harley, Honda, Yamaha, or Kaw that I've owned.

Is there an issue with a Battery Tender Jr, directly connected to the battery leads, and some kind of BMW circuit I don't know about? It seems the tender worked when I first wired it up, but now will only go into charging mode if the battery is disconnected from the bike. Here is the story:

  • Had the new Westco on the new Battery Tender Jr. before I installed it in the bike - all good
  • Wired it up per above
  • Plugged in wall-wart, went from blinking red (not charging) to blinking green (charging) - happy!
  • Ran the bike a bit as I was working on the above items and to be honest, not sure if the tender was connected or not as I did, but I've done that with other bikes and not had a problem.
  • At some point, not sure when, I went into the garage and noticed the wall-wart blinking red, like it was disconnected, but it was in fact, plugged in
  • Swapped with another wall-wart from one of the other bikes that was in a steady green (monitoring) state - same blinking red from that tender too
  • Assumed the fuse on the pigtail, checked, no such luck
  • Plugged the wall-wart from the BMW onto one of the other bikes, went to green (happy mode)
  • OK, so...... lifted the tank, and put the battery clip pigtail on the terminals, hooked up the wall-wart, still blinking red like it was disconnected from the battery
  • Bottom line: no fault found in the pigtail or the tender itself by swapping with other bikes, and continuity testing both the pigtail and its fuse
  • I noticed when I started the bike up today that the starter motor wasn't as "perkey" as it was day one, so after a short (30 mile?) ride, I tried the wall-wart again, still blinking red. Time for deeper surgery....
  • Lifted the tank, disconnected the battery from the pigtail and leads to the bike (standalone battery)
  • Connected the clip pigtail, plugged in and..... blinking green, charging mode!
I'm certainly willing to plead ignorance with all things BMW. I did some searching here and on the general Interwebs, and found nothing to indicate that there was any kind of incompatibility between the Westco battery, the Battery tender Jr, or the R1150GS bikes.

What am I missing?
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