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I also was concerned about the hard drive on my laptop (I used to use a MacBook), I ended up giving the MacBook to my daughter and bought a MacBook Air. It has been in my saddle bag on 3 cross country trips and numerous shorter trips and hasn't missed a beat. The MacBook air comes with a SSD so it is immune to vibration.

Having a full fledged computer allows me to get some work done on the road too if I need to. I have MS Office on it so it is fully compatible with my work computer as well as BaseCamp for mapping, etc.

For dumping pictures at the end of the day, if I have internet access or cell service, I upload everything to one of my Cloud accounts (I have a free 2 gig account with DropBox, a free 25 gig account with PogoPlug and a free 20 gig account with Box, if you keep an eye on the free Cloud storage deals come up often). If I don't have internet access, I have enough room on the MacBook Air to store a few days worth of pictures. If I know that I won't have internet access for a while, I carry a portable ruggedized 500 gig hard drive (you can pick one up for less than$100).
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