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Originally Posted by Hewby View Post
The next morning we walk down to the market for breakfast, and wandering down through the witches market where one could buy dried up baby llamas and such. For what purpose I did not ask!
Here's some info about the witches market. from Kedgi's RR:
Originally Posted by slide View Post
Hi Dwight,

I may be able to shed some light on the witches' market. In Latin America there are two types of witches. The curandero/a's who are not really witches in our sense but more like shamans or traditional healers. In all probability, the things for sale were herbs and other materials which would be called 'herbal' or 'alternative' remedies north of Mexico.

The evil witches are brujas who cast spells like to sour milk or do other mischief.

Where I am, curanderas are well respected mostly in the rural areas. Think of it not as witchcraft but traditional or natural healers.
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