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Day twenty: 2-4-13
We woke up from Colima heading toward La Ticla where my friend Frankie from college grew up. When we pulled in to La Ticla he had already been there waiting for us for about a week.

He had reserved us a VIP campsite right in front of one of the local Palapas for free and his family had a tab running with the owner which meant free beers and food….sweet.

we went up to his house to drop uff our stuff and headed to the beach where we proceded to drink all day. Then we went over to one of his buddys homes where they made us lobster dinner with a side of fresh caught fish.

Back to the beach for more drinking where we met another girl who was from Portland Oregon. Small world. We made a fire and sat on the beach.

Day twenty one: 2-5-13
I have a massive headache today for some reason but I cant let that stop me from seeing the sights. Frankie arranged for a local woman to make us fresh hand-made tortillas the traditional way using a clay fire stove and grinding the corn with a stone.

It was pretty cool I have a video. After eating we set out to some other beaches Frankie wanted to take us to.

We had lunch and hiked around the tide pools for a while until we drove back to La Ticla for sunset.

By now the few mecheladas I had on the beach had numbed my headache and it was time for a few more beers before bed.

Day twenty two: 2-6-13
Today we decided to head to Troncones which was only about 220km from La Ticla. This ride was only second to the California coastline on my best rides so far list.

The roads winded and twisted through the mountians stopping every once in a while to peak at the ocean before twisting around again into the hills. I had some great Photos but unfortunately I loose my camera tomorrow. Right when we pulled into town a guy flagged us down and said he had a pace for us to stay for 300pesos, which is cheap, so we followed him to a little hotel. The place wasn’t the cleanest place but the price was right and it was there now, so we took it.

It had wifi to check emails and there was free beer in the fridge. I figured that if I darnk enough free beer the room was basically free, so I got to work. After a look around town where not too much was happening, we pretty much just hung out in the hammocks for the rest of the night before making some tacos on the outdoor grill.

Day twenty three: 2-7-13
We woke up well rested at around 5:45am before the sun was even up. For some reason even though the time change has been heading forward, I cant seem to sleep in. we were on the road at 7:00 with the thought of maybe making it to Puerto Escondido by sunset...... This was a daunting task. Originally we had planned to split it into two days and stay in Acapulco, but we heard Acapulco was a shit hole, which it is, and decided to just keep going. In order to get there we had to do certain things to save time. This consisted of mostly: smashing topes at 55kph, passing long lines of cars and trucks, not stopping for food or drinks, just gas, and generally riding until the sun had just set. But we made it. We had decided that if we made it all the way we would stay somewhere nice to reward ourselves. We found a place and talked them down from 800 pesos to 500 and went to the restaurant to find something to eat. Sorry for not having photos but I left my camera back in Troncones and it had all these photos from the last few days. UPDATE. new camera and took some of andys photos to fill in the gaps!

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