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Originally Posted by Bgunn View Post
Great story....In Ensenada tonite, we are finishing up a two week trip. Hit a military check point yesterday, and when he looked in my gobi box and seen the cerveza, he asked me if there were any extras...
Thats the great thing about Baja, the stories! I have seriously been thinking about putting all the individual stories I have down in book form, like a collection of short stories. Even asking other ADV inmates to contribute a few. If I were titleing the chapters a few would be:

Dude you blew a checkpoint!

Did you go left or right at the dead cow?

I'll go get the air pump from Mat... Shit I left the tire irons with Ryan.

That taco filling is from a little farther "south of the border".

How to speak Cannuk to a Scottsman in Mexico.

Crazy retired Cannuk Jeeper (starring the guy who asked about the dead cow).

How to propose in the desert in Mexico and nearly freeze to death.

Suicidal Coyotes.

Wanna share my tooth brush?

Damn, seagulls will eat anything.

Huh, there is something Muddy won't eat.

And that's just some of the funny ones. There are also a bunch of..., well not to sound sappy, but, heartwarming and profound stories. Like standing at that same checkpoint north of Gonzaga 2 years later and sharing a moment of staring up at an amazing starry sky while a young soldier helped me stay standing due to a serious injury. It was beautiful, and one of my most vivid memories from 3 trips.

Man, I really need to get my niece down there to meet her family...
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