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Bob's Barbecue - Creedmoor, NC - 2/9/2013

Okay, enough of this non riding for barbecue nonsense. I've been hitting one of the local places pretty often for lunch during the week as it's just hard to pass up a barbecue buffet for $8.00. I guess that's cut my motivation down on the weekends to search out new places a bit. But, it was early in the week this past week and I needed to meet a couple family members and this place was fairly central to all of us. Plus, it's a reasonably decent ride if you stick to the back roads between here and there.

I've been to this place a bunch and it's always been pretty good, but the last time I was there, it just seemed, well, "tired" for lack of a better word. It was time to give it another shot.

Bob's Barbecue
1589 NC Highway 56
Creedmoor, NC 27522
(919) 528-2081

Plenty of parking, but the lot will fill up during lunch and dinner rush

It's a pretty good size place as far as barbecue places go, with plenty of tables, etc. You order at the counter, pay at the register and have a seat. The stuff they serve most is kept hot behind the counter and is dished out cafeteria-style while in line. Anything other than barbecue, slaw, etc. comes from the kitchen directly behind the counter and they bring it to the table.

Fairly extensive menu for this kind of place and it's all written on several boards hanging behind the counter. In the past, I've had the pork chops, which are some of my favorite on the planet. My girlfriend typically gets the fried shrimp which she says are always close to perfect. They've got fried fish, oysters, chicken and all the usual suspects like Brunswick Stew, etc. as well as fried bologna burgers, cheeseburgers and the like.

Honestly, I wasn't in the mood to delve deeper than the surface, so I went with the old standby - barbecue, fries and slaw. Yeah, I know, but it was what worked today.

Two different house sauces as well as Tabasco and Texas Pete

The barbecue was definitely up to their previous standards today. Moist, slightly smoky and very fresh tasting. Slaw is on the very slightly sweetish/creamy side and nothing to write home about, but not distracting either. Fries beat fast food by a long shot, but they're, you know, fries.

The two sauces were one that looked like mostly plain cider vinegar and one that looked more interesting. As it turned out, the darker one was on the sweet side as far as I was concerned and brought nothing to the table, but the more clear one had a good bit more flavor and I kept going back to it. Not very spicy, but lots of flavor. Hushpuppies were fresh, hot and plentiful. You can go back for as many as you like.

They have a selection of pre-packaged pie slices for desert. Don't know if they make them in house or bought outside, but they're good enough. Sweet potato, Chess, coconut cream, chocolate, etc.

Glad I went back and they're definitely back on the list. Pretty good riding in the area and worth a stop if you're nearby. Probably good as a destination if you're not too far out either.

Yelp review:
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