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Originally Posted by knobbyjoe View Post
I had my tourmaster jacket zipper screw up after 6 months and they replace the jacket. Now three years later another bad zipper and had to sent it in for a replacement zipper, my cost $50.00.

Heard/read that Tourmaster has bad zippers and sure looks like it with my experience. I'm stuck with this jacket for now but would not buy another tourmaster product because the zippers are junk.

Puzzles me why a company would ruin their reputation by having bad zippers on a good product!. The reason I say this is I looked at the "new" 2013 jacket and it has the same zippers. Someone needs to be fired at that company. Penny wise and dollar foolish if I may.
Thanks. This one is about a year old. The info on their website left me pretty pessimistic, but I'm holding out for the best. My experience has been that the top tier folks - Alpinestars, Shoei, etc. are very willing to help and do what it takes to make things right, while some others seem to have a different business model that is completely ignorant about customer loyalty and repeat business. Having not had to deal with Tourmaster/Cortech/Helmet House before, I'm just trying to figure out where they lie on the scale.

I have several other products from them and based on how they respond to this, I guess I'll know if I continue to buy their stuff. I'm sure as shit not going to run out and buy another $200+ jacket to replace a 10 zipper though.
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