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Originally Posted by leafman60 View Post
I dont think the CalSci thing is working. I and many others just fitted a Laminar Lip (LL).

I use the same LL that fits a BMW 1200GS. I heated it with a heat gun and starightened out its curve a little.

Only problem that Ive had with the LL is that when I forget to remove it and take it on severe stuff, its has bounced off the hook-loop attachments.

I have the parts now to attach it with a removeable plastic bolt/spacer set up. Use a Dremel stone to bore your hole, not a drill bit. (Learned that from Maestro Gustafsson).

Pyoung and I are going to be doing some severe rock riding and I dont want it to come loose again.
I need to find some solution, I like riding with my visor up occasionally for some fresh air...maybe I should try an open face helmet in warmer weather.
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