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Originally Posted by eepeqez View Post
Both are an opportunity for you to confess to an offence they haven't noticed or a speed in excess of what they have measured. If their radar device says 45mph but you point out to them that you have a cracked tail light or say you think you were doing 53mph, they'll happily book you for the tail light and 53mph instead of just 45mph.
Or let you go for being honest. Ive had that happen before.....granted it is pretty rare.

Turns on his lights, pulls me over
CHP: Know why I pulled you over?
Me : I was speeding
CHP: How fast were you going?
Me : Wasnt paying attention. Probably 70 - 75.
CHP: 72. Whats the speed limit through here?
Me : 55
CHP: Alright let me see paperwork.

Walks back to his car comes back a minute later.

CHP: I want you to answer me a question
Me : Ok
CHP: Do you want a ticket?
Me : No sir I dont
CHP: Ok. Im not going to write you. You were honest with me, you didnt lie to my face like most people do. Slow down, be safe, have a nice day.

Handed me my stuff back and I continued on to work.

Granted its pretty damn rare, but it does happen. I got out of a ticket a second time for 80 in a 55 but I think that was more because he had a more pressing emergency. After receiving a radio call (could hear the radio but not what was said) he gave me my stuff back and hauled ass.

Be honest with them and you might just be surprised when you get out of the ticket.

Another time up deer hunting, I drove back to camp having forgot to unload my rifle. Game warden just happened to be see us pull in and checked guns and license. When he found the round in the chamber, busted me for a loaded weapon the road. I count myself seriously lucky with a $500 fine and a misdemeanor. Under Fish and Game rules, its legal to drive with a loaded magazine in the gun with nothing in the chamber, state law is a little harsher. Instead of trying to bullshit my way through it I was honest and told him I just fucked up. When I went to court, he had put that in his report and the court gave me a $500 fine instead of the $5000 fine and 6 months in prison minimum had I been caught by CHP or sheriffs.
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