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I have the HDB hand guard setup on my 990 and 690E and really like them but I do have a problem with the 690 which is illustrated in the picture below:

The bar top-clamp blocks the view of the instruments and, when I mount my Zumo on a bar which uses the two tapped holes in the top-clamp, the partial view of the instruments is completely gone. I've been thinking of trying to use the Rally Lite setup to solve this problem and also improve the lighting significantly. So the question is (and other 690 owners may have this question too), Do you have a mount for the 08 690E instrument? I realize there are not that many 08 E's out there. but the 2012 and 2013 690 R's also use this instrument cluster. I guess I could try to fab something myself which would attach to the lite setup, but the esthetics of that would likely be something I wouldn't want to look at each time I ride.

Finally, I assume that I would be able to buy just the parts of the Rally Lite setup I need, correct? I understand that I would be replacing my current Scott's mount and bar mount, but hopefully not the bar top-clamp.
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